Orgoglio Italiano: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Le reazioni del team

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Plumber’s dreams are made of rabbits. Italian ones.

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Born from a Rayman’s rib, Rabbids were so successful as comic characters as they were unable to establish as interesting ones, being relegated to minigames collection and soon forgotten… it feel strange to see them now in a XCOM like game as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Strange but good.  A surprising and successful comeback that we are going to relive through the words of three memebers of Ubisoft Milan team, that were so kind to share some time with us: the best source we could ever ask for! Enjoy the read!

English adaptation courtesy of Federico Bonetti

Andrea Babich – Game Deisgner – Ubisoft Milan

I tried to wait and see if it wore off, but no, it doesn’t. This is it, the renowed seventh heaven.
We got a great deal of prizes, we became “E3’s little sweethearts”, we were complimented by 60-year-old passers-by, who here [in Italy, ndr] you would only expect to ask you what’s on TV tonight, but not in L.A. No, they went to E3 and now they can’t wait to play it, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.
We showed the game to the audience, and the critics too, we saw them intrigued, and, after seeing the demo, they went away intoxicated. Systematically. That’s it.

Miyamoto showing the present from Ubisoft Milan team

On one side, a team of developers who didn’t expect anything like that. On the other, the gamers who didn’t expect anything like that. The air is crisp and we feel joy and gratitude, and a sense of righteousness for the hard work we’ve been through during the last few years.
But then again, you know how love is. There always comes a moment when you ask yourself whether it’s just butterflies in your stomach or the true one.
Let’s see, August 29th, more or less.
And I can’t wait, i want reality, I want truth, and I will accept it, whatever it is, because Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle now has to go its own way out there, among the players

Ugo Laviano – Game Designer – Ubisoft Milan

What I felt during this E3? First off, it’s still hard for me to believe I have had the honour and the luck to take part to such a team in developing a videogame with Mario. The E3 was the moment when my perception of what is real and what is impossible broke down completely and probably for good. Starting from the first minute of the Ubisoft conference, it was like the substance which dreams are made of started pouring onto reality, flooding and drenching it. Pretty much a Splatoon match in my head, but with the addition of the Mario universe, the Rabbids and my colleagues and friends at the heart of Los Angeles.

Il momento storico della presentazione
The historic moment of Ubisoft conference

It’s been a sequence of absurd moments and unbelievable, beautiful days: Miyamoto-san on the stage who made Davide and the others members of the team loosen up; seeing how the audience in the room, journalists, and above all gamers, reacted to the secret that we carried in our heart for more than 3 years; checking every night the social media and seeing them burst with messages and love only to go sleep for 3 hours, all wound up and excited. But what pleased me more than anything else was to be the demoist: I did my best to have as many players as possible play the game until the exhibition’s very last day, because seeing them walk away amused and happy (after being in a queue for hours!) was simply priceless. If it’s a dream, please don’t wake me up

Davide Soliani – Game Director – Ubisoft Milan

Still today it’s hard for me to describe this 3-year-long adventure, let alone being able to explain the emotions I felt before, during and after the E3. Before the conference I had prepared for the worst case scenario, but you could nonetheless feel excitation, happyness in the air, and the pleasure of having finally got to show what we had been woring on for so long. During the conference I felt like going on a rollercoaster, it was an overwhelming load of emotions.

Un estratto della nostra recente visita agli studi di Ubisoft Milan
A shot from our recent visit at Ubisoft Milan studios

Doubts, fears, work anxieties, all of this dissolved the moment when Miyamoto-san got on the stage, and in that very moment every piece fell into place, justified and legitimate. Since we came back to Italy, I’ve been trying my best to fully realize what happened. I’m in seventh heaven. I don’t see Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle as the perfect game or THE masterpiece, but I see it as a solid, honest, beautiful game. I hope to be able to really connect with the players and their comments and create a great future.

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